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Upcoming releases:

DREY PRINCIPIA – Dry Principia || 7"
Debut release of a Psychoactive Folk band founded by Ka Makiri of ATZMANN ZOUBAR and Alexander Müller of KLAMMHEIM. They're following paths of Morricone, old TMLHBAC and very magical, psychedelic and apocalyptic roots. With vocals by Beissert and guest vocals by Dea KlammHeim.

IN SCISSORS – sCripturae - Forficis (MCMXCIX - MMXI) || TAPE
Limited tape special from the greek artist Vincent A. Melancholic Neoclassic with industrial elements.

KRAFTKAMMER – Kraftkammer || CD
Harsh and sterile Power Electronics from Erlangen.

NEUE DEUTSCHE STUBENMUSI – Dükerbauwerk Entengraben || EP
The franconian Stubenboys with a limited special including live recordings and exclusive new tracks.

A new record is announced to appear in spring 2013.

SCHATTENSPIEL – Aus dem Dunkel... || CD
After "Schattenkrieger" and "Lichtgestalten" the third and last part of the trilogy. The release is anticipated for spring 2013.

SCHATTENSPIEL – Licht & Schatten || Download
In Winter 2013 there will be a Best Of/Tribute DCD for free download.

SCHATTENSPIEL – Schattenkrieger || CD
Re-release of the album which was recorded before "Lichtgestalten". A former release of UFA Muzak, Russia.

STURMKIND – tba || 10"
After several years of silence a collection of new songs is announced to appear in winter 2012/2013. Dark Folk once again, combined with industrial elements.

A trip to madness with IRRSINN DES GRAUENS, TARSUS, DREY PRINCIPIA, KNŒD, STURMKIND, ACTA NON VERBA, STAHLPLANET, IN SCISSORS, NEUE DEUTSCHE STUBENMUSI and others. The edition will be very small and will contain several weird stuff. Take care!


Dark and weird One-man-project from Thüringen. Ambient sounds from the world Leviamaag. Black box including: CD-R (74min) in metal-package, DVD incl. two clips, a hand-made booklet on transparent paper, poster, sticker and a button. Limited to 98 units!

Release: Summer 2008 | Time: 71:00 | Format: CD-R + DVD | Price: 14,90 €
Edition: 98 Copies

Leviamaag | Die Wärme der Dunkelheit

1. Zeit der Erinnerung
2. Die schräge Johanna
3. Lawinentod
4. Alptraum in Jerusalem
5. Der Eismann kann auch anders
6. Fliegen mit den Engeln
7. Der seltsame Doktor Sparsam
8. Dann geht, schlaft und betet
9. Die Wärme der Dunkelheit
10. Gegensätze ziehen sich an
11. Sie sind unter uns
12. Vollrausch
13. Leviamaag


W.i.i.L. is the shortcut for "Willkommen im inneren Lichterland". CD-R in fantastic handmade gatefold cover. This version is limited to 98 copies. Re-release of the fifth album appeared in 2003. Originally published in a portfolio in an edition of 42 copies. In contrast to the previous work with BNV this album is calmer and more guitar-heavy. In comparing like with "Die Erinnerung wird lebendig begraben". Almost hypnotic Dark Folk / Neofolk.

Release: Spring 2009 | Time: 44:40 | Format: CD-R | Price: 9,90 €
Edition: 98 Copies

Abstieg | Kleiner Frieden

1. Am Berge stand ich,...
2. Der letzte Befehl
3. Der Sturm in der Ruhe
4. Kleiner Frieden
5. Abstieg
6. Herbstfelder
7. Ewigkeit
8. Schönes Land

Mère Ravine Entelecheion

A release of utmost polarity: Sudden extreme changes of sound and volume (and thus, in mood) meet pensive sonic mindscapes. The sounds of strings, reeds and membranes meet the harshness and/or ambience of electronic sounds. Music as harsh as pensive, as narrative as disrupt. If music is a vehicle for creating one's own world, here's a very versatile one! Ambient, Noise, Experimental, Chill Out.

Release: Winter 2008 | Time: 74:00 | Format: CD | Price: 8,90 €
Edition: 500 Copies

Beth | Aleph/Daleth

I Mère Ravine
1. Troisième Partie
2. Deuxième Partie
3. Première Partie
II Interlude
4. Acclimatation
III Entelecheion
5. Aleph/Daleth
6. Beth

Demo 2003

Since 2001 Cathain are visiting medieval markets, live roleplaying events, roleplaying conventions, historic events and private celebrations, spreading their “Enchanting Fantasy-Folk from worlds far away”. Cathain was founded in the very end of the last century as a rock band. After some changes in lineup and a little detour with irish folk they finally reached the medieval scene and, not much later, live role playing events. Dead Master's Beat rereleased their demo from 2003.

Release: Summer 2008 | Time: 21:30 | Format: CD-R | Price: 3,90 €
Edition: 100 Copies

Locromon | Das Licht erwacht

1. Das Licht erwacht
2. Locromon
3. Zaubertanz
4. Fern der Heimat
5. Das Wanderlicht
6. Questions

One Way Ticket

LSD and weed made this thing happen as it turned out: a psychedelic doom trip. Heavy and down tuned sound walls meet Ingrid Steeger. Re-Release of the classic demo from 2000 remastered, with new artwork and special package. Limited to 100 copies. More than 42 minutes of raw psychedelic Doom in the vein of ELECTRIC WIZARD, GOATSNAKE or ACID KING. The first 50 copies contain a poster.

Release: Winter 2007 | Time: 42:35 | Format: TAPE | Price: 3,90 €
Editrion: 100 Copies

Theme From Nedin | Apathetic

1. Intro
2. Theme From Nedin
3. Save Yourself
4. Apathetic
5. Crack-Brained
6. Sunflower Tab-Jam


Debut of this highly weird franconian folk-ambient-experimentalproject. Using electronic soundscapes as well as instruments like flutes and the jaw's harp NDSM create creepy and nightmarish atmospheres. Ideal for hanging around in shabby bars or drunk walks in the woods.The limited special edition comes in a metalbox (63 copies) with several special items, such as an exclusive mini CD-R (20min, one song), papercards with motivs drawn by the Stubenmusikant A.G., and a NDSM button. Not to be classified and strange!

Erstsendung: Spring 2010 | Time: 75:29 | Format: CD / Box | Price: 9,90 € / 19,90 €
Edition: 500 Copies, 63 as boxversion

Lieder zum Runterladen:
Die Hirschmirndl | Morgengesänge | Der He-Mann

1. Eröffnung
2. Kuu-Raj
3. Leergut 41
4. Orbit (feat. Kenji Siratori)
5. Nikolo
6. Der He-Mann
7. Segment I
8. Die Hirschmirndl
9. Der Solimann
10. Segment II
11. Morgengesänge
12. Rudern!
13. Bar zur Anita
14. A Lounge Called Europa
15. Kein schöner Land

Welcome To The Weaseldome

German Death Metal from Bremen rooted in the early 90's Floridasound. Intensive and sick debut.

Release: Spring 2009 | Time: 32:17 | Format: CD | Price: 8,90 €
Edition: 1000 Copies

Mark It Zero | Hell Seer

1. Bring It On
2. Feel My Presence
3. Mark It Zero
4. Knispel In The G
5. Hell Seer
6. Witchshot@Okawango_Delta

Metal To The Bone

NIGHTCHAINS is a badass Heavy/Thrash Metal band from Beirut / Lebanon. Honestly played 80ies Metal with influences of bands like LIVING DEATH or SABBAT (Jap.). A pearl of underground Metal.

Release: Summer 2010 | Time: 36:32 | Format: CD | Price: 9,90 €
Edition: 1000 Copies

Ecstasy | Where We Come From

1. Ecstasy
2. The Law
3. Metalstorm
4. Summit Of Thunder
5. Where We Came From
6. (Can't Write A) Love Song
7. Mile Of Skulls


Old Skull Death Metal from Germany. Five years after the release of the debut demo "A Soil Forsaken" now the second demo "Exorchrism" is finally released. Still rooted in the early 90's sound, the five tracks remind of stuff like old MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION (Dawn Of Possession), old DEATH and INCANTATION. Co-production with Godeater Records.

Release: Spring 2011 | Time: 28:54 | Format: CD | Price: 7,90 €
Edition: 1000 Copies

Church Of Salvation | Beg For Your God

1. Beg For Your God
2. One Once Forsaken
3. Scorn Dominion
4. Curse From The Grave
5. Church Of Salvation - Mental Ossuary Of Mine

Die Erinnerung wird lebendig begraben

Rerelease of the first and sold out edition of this album appeared in 2000. Originally released as CD-R, here comes the tapeversion after eleven years. Handmade papercover, 100 copies. This record is comparable to "W.i.i.l." and furthermore contains the bonussong "nun lauf". As like W.i.i.L. it's almost hypnotic and experimental Dark Folk / Neofolk.

Release: Summer 2011 | Zeit: 57:35 | Format: TAPE | Price: 6,90 €
Edition: 100 Copies

Sonnenexplosion / Feuer | In die Hölle hinein,... tiefer

1. Flak
2. Frühling
3. Soldatenlied
4. Sweet Death: Romanticism
5. Sonnenexplosion
6. Feuer
7. Nebelherz
8. Like A Siren
9. In die Hölle hinein,... tiefer
10. Messiah In Flames
11. Kinderblutspielerei
12. In der Luft verbrennen
13. Träum schön...
14. Wiesentanz
15. Ohne Wiederkehr
16. Nun lauf (Bonus)

Lebenskatalyse & Schattenarbeit

First release of the ambient project ANV from Metropolis / Coburg. Hypnotizing tracks, weird chants and hypertronic beats for seekers. 50 handmade and numbered copies only! Individually painted labels, red tape!

Release: Summer 2011 | Time: 56:24 | Format: TAPE | Price: 6,90 €
Edition: 50 Copies

Heresy! | Hope / Despair

1. Obey! (Satanic Propaganda)
2. Hope / Despair
3. Heresy!
4. Our Reality
5. Sankalpa (mit STAHLPLANET)
6. Leben
7. Brigata Neutica Volta (Tribute to BNV)
8. Phrasenthrasher (mit STAHLPLANET)
9. Entspannung


SCHATTENSPIEL's current album. 14 ambient and martial songs feat. REX THE NINTH, BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK, ARVORAR, HERMANN KOPP & IGNIIS. Also availabe in a limited box version (50 copies). The box is engraved and contains two buttons, a sticker, four papercards (backside handwritten in Sütterlin) and a booklet. "None of the album tracks can be classified. There are no pigeonholes for that kind of sound. Schattenspiel's former delf-designation 'Military Pop' does not fit anymore. What is developing here is genre-transcending music reinforced with collaborations with other well-known artists. The run-of-the-mill military drumming of the old days, the neofolk that sounds like it was made by some strumming bard boring himself to death, all of this is gone. Only Schattenspiel remains: Soft and soulful music suddenly becoming brutal and sinister, full of fervency and inner vision. Playful blaze meets power and sensual pleasures. […] 'Lichtgestalten' – just as expected – is an album showing a wide gamut of musical styles, skillfully performed, affectionately staged and handled with passion." (Obliveon Zine 2011)

Release: Autumn 2011 | Zeit: 67:58 | Format: CD / Box | Price: 9,90 € / 19,90 €
Edition: 500 Copies

Echo | Eschatological Scenario

1. Der Flug des Schmetterlings
2. Thirst
3. Totenwache (Over Concrete) feat. Rex The Ninth
4. Eschatological Scenario
5. Echo
6. Morgendämmerung
7. Falling Down 2010
8. Many Are Called, Few Are Choosen
9. Shadows
10. Sun & Steel feat. Barbarossa Umtrunk
11. Phenomenon
12. Zerstörung feat. Arvorar
13. Mi Nombre es La Muerte feat. Igniis
14. Falling Down feat. Hermann Kopp

Worshipping The Vomitory Altar

Second demo of PESTILENT SCREAMS from Nürnberg. Five dirty songs, lusty lyrics and a rotten sound. Finest Death/Thrash Metal underground like it should be! Support this band to keep the spirit alive!

Release: Spring 2012 | Time: 25:18 | Format: TAPE | Price: 4,90 €
Edition: 150 Copies

Goatwarrior | Bludgeoning The Priest

1. Intro
2. Bludgeoning The Priest
3. Goatwarrior
4. Night Of Sinn
5. Sexual Annihilation
6. Taakeferd


Nightmarish Electronika! This is the third album of J.H., the leading head behind Stahlplanet. As on the albums "Stahlfront" and "Leviamaag" he presents a dark and trippy voyage through a devastated mindworld of melancholic dreams and unreal angst. This album is relaxing as well as irritating, perfect for driving through the night, whatever you have done before... Underground act from Sonneberg, Germany.

Release: Autumn 2012 | Time: 66:49 | Format: CD | Price: 9,90 €
Edition: 300 Copies

Funkwellenwalzer | Die Welt und die Seuche

1. Alptraumimpressionen
2. Die Welt und die Seuche
3. Elektrohirn
4. Funkwellenwalzer
5. Geisterhaus
6. Lava
7. Robotertanz
8. Spacelabor
9. Tag Null
10. Tiefenrausch
11. Verfall

Get On Bored!

Unlimited sound research has always been the mission of one-man project IMPULSE. Consequently, IMPULSE is an ardent proponent of walking untrodden paths and has clear difficulties coming to terms with orthodox ways of sound-organization or music-making. IMPULSE's always thoroughly pondered soundscapes span the complete range from field recording ambience to monotonous, driving and hypnotic sound formations, from industrial noise to piano tinkle, from electronic sound combinations to percussive freestyle art. IMPULSE is different, defiant, unpredictable and disruptive. Featuring Alex P. from Maggot Shoes in guest appearance.

Release: Winter 2012 | Time: 49:38 | Format: TAPE | Price: 3,90 €
Edition: 50 Copies

Jussi | Herr der Schädel und Kirschblüten

1. Paul Spector ist tot
2. Jussi
3. Der Herr der Schädel und Kirschblüten
4. Irabelle
5. Dynamic Driven Division
6. Haze Maze
7. Kling Klang (Frostfest-Mix)
8. Mudd-Mudd_mud.
9. Crocodile Bambee
10. Ende Alt