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 BUBEN / ABSTRACTIVE NOISE - Dychotomia [show tracklist] 
 Label: No Angels Prod.
 Origin: Belarus / Greece / UK
 CD-R // 7,90 €
Time: 52:37
Release: 2008

This eight-song split CD, an even 4-4 split between Belarusian Vladislav Buben and a combo consisting of members from Greece and the UK called Abstractive Noise. The cheeky title: Buben vs. Abstractive Noise makes it sound like the two are going to be duking it out or interacting in some way but it really is a split, not a collaboration - the first four cuts are by Buben and are some of the most wigged out and unique hybrid noise/ambient/drone music with a frenetic and choppy percussion that really punctuates the rest of the music, almost overtaking it at times, reminding one of Aphex Twin at his best (in the early-mid 1990s). Abstractive Noise, on the other hand, is quite different in their approach to music - even though one might think that with a name like “Abstractive Noise” that they’d sound really freaky; a vacuum filled with white noise, letting little else in, but when track four ends and number five begins you experience a sudden chill-out. A5 package, pro printed CDR, additional graphic on photo paper inside. Foiled, limited to 110 hand numbered copies.