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 SHANLEI - Shanlei [show tracklist] 
 Label: Self-released
 Origin: Germany
 TAPE // 5,90 €
Time: C20
Release: 2015

山 shanlei 雷 is experimental electronic music which might roughly be described as kosmik droning ambient-noise. It is created by BetweenTheEyes who began his journey into noise in his late teens sometime in the late 90s. There is no genre-agenda, no pre-formulated way of how it is supposed to sound. Influences vary from Twin Peaks to Macronympha and lots in between...such as the eyes!
This tape focusses on the claustrophobic atmospheres of Cloama, the cosmic space of early Ramleh and a little bit of good ol' Japanoise enthusiasm. SPANCER project!