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 YARN - Eraltet Gott [show tracklist] 
 Label: Nihil Art Records
 Origin: Russia
 CD // 6,90 €
Time: 31:51
Release: 2010

Russian ambient formation from The Middle Ural. Saturnus Mortem – founder & single member of the project. The concept of the project bases on principals of primitivism in art. With the help of minimalism possible to open wishful ideas, starting with the composition and finishing by primitivism of sound, going almost in avant-garde. The ideology of the project focuses on the nihilistic note of the genesis, concentrating on estrangement, inner tragedy of overcoming of imposing truths, cold and senselessness to the herd phenomenon. Seclusion with the bosom of initial world of inviolate nature, overcoming of spiritual “perfect” ideas of society, relying on savagery of the universe, not tainted by lying values are watching in the art. “Eraltet Gott” presents a conceptual child in the spirit of industrial dark/psycho ambient.