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 BETHLEHEM - Dictius Te Necare [show tracklist] 
 Label: Red Stream
 Origin: Germany
 CD // 9,90 €
Time: 43:54
Release: 2010

Here it is - the original version of "Dictius Te Necare" - which was never released in its full glorious version until now! There is no censorship this time so included are the two full controversial photos originaly rejected by so many printers. This 2010 version includes a classy 12 page booklet with sparkling silver, and digital remastering of all photos and graphics. This is truly a great version of this record! Bethlehem has redefined their own original style once again to generate seven nocturnal hymns which avoid the typical route taken by many trend followers. The title is taken from the early Latin language and translates to You Must Kill Yourself. Hailed by most as a true Dark/Black Metal classic!